Clubs and Organizations

American Working Farmcollie Association

The English Shepherd Club

National English Shepherd Rescue

Animal Research Foundation

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy


Farms with Dogs

Cedar Creek Farm

Sweet Grass Farm

Twin Springs Farm

Lone Palmetto

Mullers Lane Farm

Rooster Hill Farm

Hames & Axle Farm

CartAngel Acres

Rodebaugh Quarters & Appaloosas

Rolling Thunder Ranch

Calypso Farm and Ecology Center

Sloan's Creek Farm

Flat Rock Farm

Vine Hill Farm

Rockin Double J

Asylum Farm

Backer's Acres

Blacksheep Homestead

Broad River Pastures








English Shepherd Breeders

Concharty English Shepherds

White Oak English Shepherds

Earthangels English Shepherds

Stony Creek English Shepherds

English Shepherd Central

du Prairie English Shepherds

Wild Oats English Shepherds

Z Best Farms English Shepherds

Carousel Farms English Shepherds

Bloodstock Genetics

Jumping Bean Agility

Shell Rock English Shepherds

Debbie's English Shepherds

Apac of English Shepherds

Carney's Kennel

Shepherd's Way English Shepherds

Green Mountain English Shepherds

Dunrovin English Shepherds

Golem Kennels


New Mexico Stockman

Dog Behavior

AWFA farmcollie training

It Takes a Pack to Raise a Puppy

K9 Deb

4 My Dogz

Training your pup in social situations




Herding Links

Farmdog Training Support

Stockmanship--Bud Williams

Farmdog Motivation

How are ESs different from BCs?

Farmdog Traits

Herding on the Web

K9 Station

The Zen Pen

History of the English Shepherd

Training the cowdog pup


Dog Health



UC Davis Canine Genetics

Diversity FAQ

U of Missouri CHD Study

Other Links

Judy Bates--artist and ES owner

Going to the Caribbean?  Contact  Laura.

Big Bend Saddlery

Erin McKee--artist and ES owner

Palo Duro Leatherworks

Lila's Quilts

Mattie's Mountain Mud

Sweet Grass Farm Pet Treats

Education Revolution

Cimarron County Antelope Hunts