Gehl's Red Bank Whistlin' Dixie

PennHIP .57/.45

Dixie's hip x-ray


Planned breeding for fall 2006




Dixie as a pup

     Dixie awoke one morning to find her littermates had gone and she was all alone. I could hear her howling and crying. After an hour or so, I realized she had quieted down. I figured she went to sleep. I went out to find her and Gloria the bucket calf nestled down in the morning dew, snuggled together. She had climbed out the window and found a new friend. By the time I got the camera, Gloria was having her ears cleaned.

I enjoyed my morning alone with Dixie. She was tugging at my heart strings. She dive-bombed the cats only to be called off with a simple "aanck". She looked to me for guidance even in her prey-driven frenzy. She is a high drive dog with loads of biddability.

Dixie is now living with our friends, Andy and Glenda Gehl. They have a family dairy near us and have three kids 8,5, and 1. Dixie is showing off her farmdog ability early. She is helping to get the cows in for milking and has helped get a stubborn cow in the stall.


Red Bank Auxiliary Dogs

Our goal is to be breeders of ES in the traditional sense. We believe that in order to fully evaluate our breeding dogs they need to live on the farm in a more traditional way--not as a kennel. We own selected dogs whom we place on farms with work for them to do, so that we can best evaluate them and can have the good dogs that we need here to work on our farm.  Dixie is part of our breeding program, but lives with another family.






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