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Getting back to basics-- raising food the old-fashioned way 

Pasture to Plate

The Chicken Project

Our poultry live like royalty.  They are pastured to control weeds and insects.  There are not many things more entertaining  than watching a chicken trying to catch a flying June bug!  They rotationally graze behind the heifers in pasture in their mobile chicken shack.  We move them to new pasture every few days.  They have their fill of fresh air and sunshine during the day and the comfort of an insulated, mobile coup to protect them from predators overnight.  They have their choice of food that includes bugs, worms, a variety of grasses and weeds (including dandelions), and seeds.  No hormones, no additives--just what God gave us.

What is special about our eggs?  It is obvious when you crack them open. You'll notice that the yolks stand up high indicating freshness.   Eating grass makes the yolks full of carotene, Omega 3 fatty acids, and other vitamins that birds raised in confinement don't have.  Research also shows that grassfed eggs have 40 micrograms less cholesterol than grainfed. 

The chicken project is under management of our 10-year-old son, Lane.  The best reason for living on a farm is to teach your children responsibility and an appreciation for all God's creation.  Lane's job is to feed and care for the chickens and gather the eggs.  He is consulted in all matters of business.  His goal is to raise enough money to earn a trip to Disneyworld. 


Thanksgiving Turkey and Roaster Chicken

We plan to order poults in early July, so call to reserve your bird!   Just like the eggs, this meat will be full of vitamins and minerals that the supermarket's turkeys don't have and without some of the additives that go into processed meat.  .

Meat birds will be ready the third week of September!  Call now.



Where's the Beef?

We have been rotationally grazing our Holstein and Holstein cross heifers for 9 summers now.   We own our dairy cattle with Dan's brother and his family under DADS FARMS.  Pasturing cattle is an environmentally sound way to grow healthy breeding stock.  We greatly enjoy working in the pasture.  Long gone are the days of eating commercially grown and processed meats!  Ours melts in your mouth, is nutritionally superior, and contains no additional growth hormones.  The dry aging process used by small, local butchers yields a fresher tasting meat without destroying nutrients in the meat. 

Our Flock

These sheep are crossbreds who have been selected for 15 years to be low maintenance.  Parasite resistance, ability to thrive on grass and care for their young have been foremost in the selection process.  They are a cross of Barbados, Big Horn and Friesian.

We plan to use our sheep to keep our farm cleaner, have another way to evaluate/train our dogs,  and to provide a different, healthy meat for our family.  We will have lamb available this fall!


Our first piglets were born in July!  We have thoroughly enjoyed watching them rummage in the dirt, play pig pile and piggy-in-the-middle and roam the farmyard like a little gang of thugs.  They live happy lives and are enjoying the first apples of fall and garden scraps to supplement their diet.  Our pork is all natural with nothing added.

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New research from Jo Robinson’s book “Why Grass-fed is Best!” states that:
  • Grass-fed meats have half the amount of saturated fats.
  • Grass-fed beef is lower in calories. A 6 oz. steak from a grass finished steer has almost 100 fewer calories.
  • Grass-fed meats has 2 to 6 times more omega-3s fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are not only good for your health but essential for normal growth and development.

Is Grass-fed Meat Tender?

Because grass-fed meat is so lean, people are concerned that it's going to be tough. In reality, marbling accounts for only 10 percent of the variability in meat tenderness. Genetics accounts for another 30 percent. The rest of the variability is due to the cut, the age and sex of the animal and the stress level of the animal prior to slaughter.

Excerpted from Jo Robinson's new book, "Why Grass-fed is Best!" www.eatwild.com




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