Rolling Thunder Ranger


90 lbs.

     Ranger is the dog formerly known as Hiker whom I took back from his first owner.  They were not a good match.  The former owner was having problems keeping control of Ranger.  I had him here for a few months and we worked on him following my commands and rules.  We used a lot of Nothing in Life is Free.  The former owner had done an excellent job teaching him commands and that was very helpful in my showing him that *I* was the boss.  He is a thick-skinned dog who needs a firm hand and big voice to keep his ego in check.  He is super smart and always trying to get a laugh out of you.  He is strongly bonded and looks deep into your eyes to read your thoughts, but he is not very shadowy and he likes to range out from you.  After two months here, he was living harmoniously with the chickens and turkeys, controlling his impulses with the sheep and never bothering the cattle or horses.  He is strong in enforcer nature and will make the other animals mind you.  He learned quickly that animals are not allowed in the driveway with vehicles and took it upon himself to enforce that rule, escorting everyone out of the driveway whenever he heard a motor approaching.  The kids loved playing fetch with him and he learned to give them the ball nicely and not play tug.






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