Owner's Questionnaire


The purpose of this questionnaire is to help me determine if a pup from our litter will suit your needs.  It will also give me an idea of what kind of home and training you have to offer.  Honest responses will increase the odds of you getting the dog you are looking for.







1. Describe the ideal dog for your present needs.

2. Put the following characteristics of farm dogs in order of greatest importance to least importance (making a note of any of these characteristics that do not matter or behaviors that you would rather not have, and then describe as completely as possible how your ideal dog would fit in these categories):

a. Size

b. Looks

c. Herding ability (What kind of herding ability do you prefer?)

d. Hunting ability

e. Guardian ability (What would your ideal dog's specific behaviors be in this category?)

3. Describe a typical day for your dog:

4. Describe the best dog you ever had and what you liked most about him as well as any characteristics that could be improved to make a better dog to fit your present situation:




5. Add any description that you feel would help us to understand the kind of dog that you want. Use more sheets if necessary:




Please list the names of all the people who will live with your dog.  List ages of children.  What do all these people think about getting an English shepherd?



Please choose one:

Children are a common fixture at our home.

Children sometimes visit our home.

There are never children at our home.



What other pets are in/around your home?




What qualities would be a turn-off for you?




What are your plans for training this puppy?  Please be specific.




Do you prefer a male or female?  How strong is this preference?


Do you plan to breed?  Would you be open to leaving your male dog intact and stand him at stud? 



Will you return this pup to me or let me rehome him in the event that you cannot keep him?






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