Our Puppy Policy


What we do

We raise pups with love care and daily attention.  They are exposed to humans from day 1 and as they grow they are shown different situations.  Past litters have experienced free-range and in-coup chickens, calves in the calf barn, cows in the cow barn, heifers in the heifer barn, and taken to visit the neighbors’ goats.  Our pups have also attended children's birthday parties, visited strange homes with strange dogs, public parks and the vet’s office. 

Our pups will receive their first shots before they leave here.  They will be seen and examined by a vet and all findings will be made common knowledge to the buyer and the English shepherd community.

 We do our best to prepare our puppies for adaptation to all situations that they may be exposed to in their lives.  We teach our puppies from early on that we are the people and they are the dogs. 



Because we are familiar with the pups and have taken time and effort to evaluate their ability, structure, and temperament, we will be picking your pup based on the information you give us.  It is very important that you are as thorough as possible in telling us exactly what you want/don’t want so that we can make the best decision.  We may give you a choice if we find that more than one pup might suit your needs. 

When we are fairly certain that we will have a pup that is a good fit for you, we will ask for a deposit equal to half the value of the pup as a sign of good faith on your part.  This is for the welfare of the pups, they need to get in their homes early in their lives so they can begin bonding with you.  Your show of good faith helps with early placement.  The deposit does not guarantee you a pup, but puts you in pretty good standings.  Should we decide to place your pup elsewhere, the deposit will be returned in full.  Should you change your mind, the deposit is ours to keep. 

Pups will not leave their littermates until they are at least 7-weeks-old.


We are willing to transport pups by whatever means necessary to get them into the right homes.  Any means of transportation is stressful to the dog.  However, a short period of stress is definitely worth a lifetime of happiness in the right home.  All costs associated with transportation are the buyer’s responsibility and must be received before the pup leaves here.  These costs are in addition to the price of the pup and include, but are not limited to, health certificate, crate, cost of transportation, and cost of travel to and from the drop off point (i.e. The airport.) 

Service After the Sale

I like to call and check-in on our babies from time to time throughout their lives.  I’m readily available for questions about behavior or health concerns.  I need to keep track of the pups so we can continually tweak our breeding program and puppy training as needed. 


Hours and hours have gone into the planning and placement of your pup.  Your payment for this pup is to reimburse us for the time, trouble, and expense we have sustained.  We may negotiate a contract at the time of sale depending on circumstance.  This is mainly due to the increasing need to guard against puppy mills or other “breeders” who aren’t acting in the best interest of the breed or the individual dogs.   

Should your pup be found defective due to genetic heritage, we will accept some responsibility.  We will seek to right the situation to the best of our ability and at our discretion.  References are available. 






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