13 Pups born September 5 by Thomas' Char-Gin Boston

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Windshadow's Pippi Longstocking, PRGN

OFA Excellent

60 lbs.

     Pippi doesn't do anything half way.  She is a go-get-them kind of girl, full of zest, and always smiling.  She is incredibly bossy and is a great farmdog who helps Diana herd Pygora goats.  She is nurturer, protector, and disciplinarian.  She would be "too much dog" for many owners on the farm, but Diana has done an excellent job working *with* Pippi's natural abilities rather than trying to change them.  She is an incredibly agile dog who moves like a dream and is a solid 60 lbs.  She has rarely met a stranger and loves all people. 


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