December 2007:

Hi, Erin! Mulan is continuing to do very, very well in our family. She's a sweet pup and everybody who meets her falls in love. She's beginning to want to herd things around more (chickens, mostly) and is a genuine help to me when I feed the sheep, keeping them in line and behind the fence. She is still very, very playful, but has learned to respect when I tell her "that's enough! Let's go!" and get back to work (at least, until she can get me to start playing again.)

We do have one concern, actually it just happened the day before yesterday. She was running in deep snow and suddenly yelped, and limped back to me; I think she pulled her left hip, it was tender all that night. She was better in the morning, but it happened again yesterday. We plan to confine her to the house (except for potty breaks) for the next two days to make her rest it, hopefully it's just a muscle pull or small ligament strain. Any advice? We'll take her to the vet for an xray if rest doesn't improve it or it keeps happening.



April 2008:

We kept her name Mulan; I think it suits =-)   She is doing very well, learning the ropes around here and earning her kibble keeping the sheep and pigs in line, and playing with the kid (and anybody else who will play with her!) No further trouble with her hips or anything else, she is robust and very active. Very people-oriented, wants lots of love and snuggles and attention (fortunately, no shortage around here!) but in return she is very willing and wants to please. Once she understands what I want, she is totally committed to doing it (especially if it's something fun like moving the sheep or chasing off hawks). I've attached a few pics so you can see how she's grown. Hope all is well with your place, Hooray for Springtime!

Colleen Hix





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