Red Bank Wendy of Meadowsweet Farm


Wendy at 3 months



     Wendy is just wonderful!  We all love her so much.  She is aggressive enough to be helpful with the livestock, yet she is so friendly to everyone.  She does let us know if we have visitors, though.  We keep her with us all the time.  She stays in the house at night.  She is always outside with us when we are out and sometimes is out alone because she wants to be even if we don't have any more chores left.  If we call her in she comes and when we put her to bed she willingly goes to her crate.  She is so sweet, so affectionate, and so obedient.  Everybody who visits thinks she great too.  I don't have a working digital camera anymore, but I'll find a way to get some recent pictures to you.  She is so beautiful. 

     Wendy is a complete joy and she is very affectionate and is our shadow.  She is house trained as far going to the door when she wants to be let out to go to the bathroom, although we don't leave her alone because she's so young and we don't want her to chew our furniture.  She doesn't beg or try to jump up on us. 
Thank you for letting us have her.








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