Sugarcreek Do I Feel Lucky?

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Video of Lucky's first herding at 4 months

Video of Lucky's early farmdog experiences

PennHIP .50/.50              MDR1 normal/normal

Registered ARF and UKC

Lucky's Pedigree

            We have a two dog rule.  But we have three dogs.  Lucky was not a planned adoption but once we met her we knew she could not leave.  She came for a visit to our house at 10 weeks.  She was intended to travel on to Oklahoma but instead she and Ella became best buddies.  At 10 weeks, Lucky NEVER jumped on or nipped our baby who was 7-months-old at the time.  Lucky nudged Ella lovingly and even guarded her from the other pups who were more rambunctious.  She would stand between Ella and the pups and bark for them to get away from her!  Ella loved her too.  Their friendship was undeniable.  Over the months, Ella got a little rougher and started pulling Lucky's hair.  Lucky would gently scold her with a grumble and then gently pick up Ella's hand and move it.  At a year and a half, Ella is the best kid to have around dogs because Lucky trained her well!

            Lucky is a soft dog who is always wanting to please.  She is a natural low heeler with a soft bite when herding.  She is good at making those cows mind and if they don't listen, she won't hold back.  Her soft mouth makes for a wonderful poultry dog and she gathers them together proficiently.  She is hell on mice and is biding her time before taking on larger predators!  Our other two dogs never showed any interest in killing vermin until Lucky showed them how.  Her intelligence and compassion have won us over and her stock ethic and shadowy nature have proven to us that she is truly one of the best English shepherds!


Lucky's First Snow

November 10, 2006

9 months old





Our First Baby!

We haven't had many babies here on Red Bank Farm.  Our cows and heifers

calve at the milking barn at the other farm that is two miles away.  Our dogs

don't have much contact with babies.  Our first lamb was born February 28.        


Lucky accompanied me out to water the sheep and we had a surprise! 

Lucky sat at the gate and watched when we first discovered our treasure.  I

got the water in the pen and went back to the house to get the camera. 

Lucky stayed watching while I left for the house.  When I returned, I went

in the pen and picked up the lamb.  Lucky followed me in with such excite-

ment that she was quivering.  I held the lamb and told her it was our "baby".

I put the lamb down and Lucky began to explore.  You could see the gears

turning in her mind.  (Photo 1) What is this?  Does this belong here?  Should I

chase it away?  Where did it come from? (Photo 2) Mama started calling

the lamb and Lucky figured out what it was and where it came from.

(Photo 3) Lucky went to check out mom and the lamb followed her over.







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