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 Born:  October 22, 2004          Registered: ESCR, UKC

    Blondie is a herding specialist.  She can rate stock better than any dog I've seen and she has a natural knack for moving the stock where she wants them to go.  She takes direction well and is ALWAYS ready to herd with anybody anytime and in any kind of situation.  If you're herding, you're her favorite person for the moment.  Otherwise, she is an extremely devoted dog.  She is the shadow dog who tags along just to be near you. She excels at reading people's feelings and intentions and shows extreme empathy, celebrating with you in your successes and commiserating with you when times are tough.  She is eternally faithful. 

   She's a quirky dog with reservations about strangers at home, but for some reason accepts the vet at his office and people off territory.  She lacks confidence when herding but makes up for it with sheer desire to work.  She is a gem on light stock.  Coming to our faRmily as an older pup, she is a constant reminder of the importance of socializing English shepherds as pups.  I believe her suspicious nature is due, in part, to her lack of exposure as a pup and being left to take comfort in her littermates rather than people.  




      Although she appears to be clear sable we highly suspect she is actually red sable due to the agouti pattern on each of her hairs.  She has a red overlay where regular sables have black.

 After her litter with Copper we decided that her rich red color was because she is a red nosed seal- seal is a result of the black gene K in a dog that would otherwise be a shaded (agouti) sable.


June 12, 2008

Dear Diary,

Strange happ'nins.  Shooter's in the house and never gets to play, Lucky's a grumpy old mama who won't let me near her babies.  And I, me, the shadow of Mom *have* to sleep outside and guard the chickens.  I don't get my spot on Mom's dirty clothes pile--I have to sleep under the porch.  There's spiders down there!
Good thing is that I've been getting to go to see the ladies with Dad--when Dad has time to go to the pasture.  Dad's been busy with some other new ladies that I don't get to see yet....humpf.  But when we go to the pasture I get to ride on the red stinky noisy crawler and get MUDDY!  I love MUD!  Then I get to bark at the ladies and make them mind Dad.
Today we were sittin' in the yard.  Shooter got to come for a visit, even if he had to stay in the cage.  He hates the cage.  I hate him being in the cage.  I want to run and play with him.  We started hearing the "hip hip heya" of Steve and Luke moving the ladies!  Without us!  Shooter started whining and carrying on like a sissy boy.  I ran around trying to find the work.  And I found it!  I told those stubborn girls to MOVE!  Okay, so maybe they moved in the wrong direction--but they MOVED by golly!  I think I learned a new word.
We moved those girls into the corral just as the skies opened up and God made some MUD for me!  We ordered the ladies through the chute and they got poked and I bit 'em on the buttocks when they froze up.  It was great fun even if Dad hollered at me sometimes not to bite their noses when they had their heads stuck in that big metal gate. 
Then the excitement began.  We were nearly through with our work and I was getting a little bit tired and ready to go check on my sissy boy Shooter who was surely hiding from the rain in the cellar.  Then six of those stewpid ladies decided they were too hot and went for a swim in the stinky poop pit!  I hollered at 'em not to go in there....but they didn't listen.  Stewpid girls didn't know that it was so sticky and mucky in there.  I even heard tell of boggy monsters that would suck you down!
Dad and Steve and Luke didn't know what to do.  They yelled and through rocks trying to get those dumb girls out of the pit!  They wouldn't budge.  They just gave up and decided to sink.  "Swim!" "Swim!"  But they are stewpid, and just a little stubborn and gave up.
Then Lukey had the bright idea of how I could save the day.  He decided to build a boat!  (No, we did not go two-by-two!)  Lukey always gets teased.  Everyone knows that the person standing next to Luke always has a good idea.  This idea was crazy!  Luke got the plastic rectangle tub that Dad puts that rotten sulfur in and the ladies walk through it.  I think he calls it a "footbath".  Anyhoo, Lukey decides to float me out onto the shit pit in the footbath!  I'm so ready for those dratted girls to get back to the pasture that I'll try anything.  And, did I mention, I LOVE mud.  The stinkier the better.  So they get me in the footbath and pull me out to the the sunken ladies and I bite em!  I bite em!  I bite em!  I love bitin' em!  They move out--anything to get away from my chompers, he he.  But uh oh.  There I am left in the pit!  Stuck.  Stuck. Stuck. 
I worried.  I fretted.  But I knew not to jump out!  Dad finally came to the rescue.  He drove out to get me with the vroomy skid steer (and people think poop stinks--what do they know?) and reached the bucket out for me.  Woo Hoo!  I jumped in that life saver bucket and was saved.  SAVED, I say.  He rode me out to dry land.
So, tonight I'm wearing the most fragrant perfume.  I am completely irresistable.  But my sissy boy is back inside and I'm banned.  Mom says I stink. 
I think I'm perdy.
Yours Truly,
Blonde Haired Angel 40 PRN
(Yes, I'm a Dirty Blonde, but I smell lovely)
Erin Hischke
Red Bank English Shepherds
member AWFA






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