Reynolds Traveler

Traveler was a funny clown of a dog who never had a

grouchy moment or aggressive tendency despite his

severe hip dysplasia.  He is greatly missed here

in Sky Heaven.



Traveler at seven months- January, 1998


This dog is very interested in what you are doing. He wants to help. He stands back and notices cause and effect. When we were fencing, Traveler, my seven month old pup began dragging up branches and fenceposts. He has been accompanying us on trips to the woodshed and bringing back a stick on his own since he was five months old.

The cows started to investigate the fence building operation, and he stopped them. When they turned away he left them alone. He is very into routine, and does not like a break from the normal.

Traveler has decided that a large part of his job is to keep our cows separated from the neighbors herd. The fences usually help, but after a severe snowstorm last winter, the neighbors herd came to visit. Traveler was very upset about it and helped to drive them home- five miles away. These dogs fall in love with the baby livestock and protect them from predators.

They tree wildlife and seem to have a different bark for different prey. If the owner was more into hunting than I am, I think they would be able to tell the difference. I recognize about four different greeting barks. One for strangers one for friends, one for my younger brother, and one for my mother.

He vocalizes a lot and tries to talk.

These dogs are very good herders and want to please their owners, but they also have the ability to think on their own

Traveler August 1998



Seven months- obviously this is a saddleback sable

Reynolds Traveler Hips Spring 1999

These are very poor hips, the head of the femur is not round and does not fit in the socket.  Traveler has never been able to jump into the back of a pickup with the tailgate down.  He hates to ride in a car while standing. He has lived on the farm all of his life and gotten the benefit of unlimited exercise and has been a very useful  farm dog.  His forequarters are very well developed and he once almost killed a badger,  we finished it off with a 410 shotgun...

One of the goals of Cimarron English Shepherds is to breed dogs as wonderful as Traveler, with better hips.


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