Red Bank Sister Sara


Red Bank Blonde Haired Angel x Egertsen's Copperfield

January 30, 2007



We are pleased to announce that Sara has pups by Blacksheep Remington Steele


I was very excited to get Sara back. She is the favorite pup out of a favorite litter. 
  Her pups by Blacksheep Remington Steele are outstanding! 
This breeding will combine the working traits that
strive to preserve with those of dogs from
These pups have De Butcher's dogs on both sides of the pedigree.  One of these pups, Cimarron Jake is featured here:

Sara is also the dam of Joshua Butcher's Ruger!  and Cimarron Ladybug by Cimarron Dalby MacClintock


Sara, chasing an intruder at Cimarron Homestead

Guided Antelope Hunts!




Meet the Dogs of Cimarron

Blacksheep Remington Steele PRGN

Cimarron Hello Mary Lou

Cimarron Foothills Nancy

Butcher's Sandy Sue

Cimarron Dorothy Lamour

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Red Bank Sister Sara


Susie Q, PRN

Cimarron Rustler, PRGN

 Johnny B. Goode

Cimarron Sweetheart PRGN



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