Knaus' Cimarron Gentleman Ben

Thu, 30 Mar 2006 15:11:24 -0600



Yes he did sleep right between us last night.
We went to the pond and then picked up limbs in the yard and took them to the burn pile;, then visited mom and a neighbor  to show off. Then we went to the store to see everyone there and back home for a long nap.
He loves to play on these boxes of siding that we have on the porch.
He Watching Maggie catch the tennis ball.
Hi Elaine,
We have had the best time today.  I've been calling him Ben because he reminds me of a Gentle Ben, with the nerves of steel!   He is so loving  and is so interested in everything that's going on.  Ben means son of
so I would like to name him Knaus' Cimarron Rustler's  Ben. Or maybe Knaus' Cimarron Gentlemen Ben.
He has the most piercing eyes when he looks at you-- just makes my heart melt!.  And he loves Terry-- just follows him every where.
The other dogs are warming to him quickly.. Miss Pitty, my beagle (who's name was Pitful when she came down my drive starved, no hair and mangy bloody feet) --thinks he's the most handsome thing she's ever seen.  She adores him.
So our first day after the trip home has been a blast.  I don't think he even whimpered once. I found my clicker that I trained Maggie and Beau to sit, stay and shake with -- they love it, because they think it's a game. I am going to give it a try this afternoon when he wakes up.
It's turned hot here --in the 80's today.  Will send more pictures and let you know how he's doing.
Thank you again for him--I just love him.


Mon, 3 Apr 2006 09:03:44 -0500


I'm calling him Ben.. He reminds me of a Gentle Ben, with nerves of steel.  So I am still considering Knaus' Cimarron Gentlemen Ben.   I will think about that 
He reminds me of Beau the way he goes to the gate and just sits and looks at the cows. He does scare me because he doesn't  fear of anything--so I have to watch him like a hawk right now, and Maggie is beginning to keep her eye on him too. I have a large fenced backyard, so I open the door onto the deck and he goes in and out while we are in the house. But he loves to get out with the Big Dogs.  
I raised two calves the past year, and they have a little hole they've found in the fence where they come through and come up to the shed for food--and now they have a little herd of  about 6 calves following them.  I feed them and after they get through eating  Maggie puts them out of the yard.  Ben got in on the chase yesterday.  He was so proud of himself. He hesitate briefly but when he saw Maggie behind them -- he jumped right in. It's so much fun watching him -- everthing is just such a wonder to him




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