El Jefe de Cimarron

Rusty x Molly

born January 30, 2006

"Chief" is in  his new home in Arkansas where he is a cherished family dog.        

August 28, 2006

Hi Ms Elaine,


Chief is doing excellent. He is the most well behaved and good                                                  natured dog I have ever had! And I'm not exaggerating.       

My dog trainer calls him an angel puppy.

Here are some pictures. These are from a month or two ago.                                                          I should have some new ones shortly. I'll send them soon.
Thanks for emailing. It was good to hear from you!


Stephanie Barclay

March 13, 2007

Hi Ms. Elaine!


I just wanted to update you on Chief (El Jefe). He is now over a year old now and a whopping 80 pounds of muscle and I am thrilled! He's the biggest and gentlest dog we have.

We got a new puppy, a rescue puppy, on Valentine's day. Chief watches over her like a momma-dog (Pics attached). He absolutely adores obedience training. He loves the neighborhood children and anyone he meets. When we take the dogs to the Little Rock Dog Park where they can play with other dogs, Chief likes meeting all the new people over the dogs....awesome! When I take Chief to my research sites, he stays right with me and watches out for me. He is the best dog I've ever had....not to mention my favorite!!!


Thank you so much for the great addition to our family.


Stephanie Barclay


El Grande was the biggest pup in his litter.

Inquisitive and independent thinking he is always trying to figure something out.

He reminds me of his relatives, Jacob, Dover, Traveler and Bailey.




Cimarron Rusty x Molly Jan 06

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