This tail carriage in an English Shepherd signals dominance.  It is not a permanent feature like the tail of a Malemute. 

Cimarron Dorothy Lamour


Cimarron Foothills Nancy x Strider of Meadowsweet Farm

Dottie was named for the spot in the blaze that extended from her nose to her collar, but as you can see this closed up pretty early, and the red all ran together.
Dottie was the reddest pup in the litter- there is some genetic difference in her color from the rest of the pups.  As she matured the agouti bands emerged and her nose turned red.  She is ayat bb.

(time lapse photography)


Dottie is a beautiful dog inside and out.  She is always asking me what I want her to do next and was a great example for the younger pups- I had two litters this spring.  What a doll!





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