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  Wed, 26 Apr 2006


The one thing that I was looking for in a new "farm" dog was the ability to let me know when something just wasn't right.  Whiskey is already keenly aware of what does and doesn't belong where.  I was really impressed this morning.  Whiskey is still a house dog so to speak.  Loose outside when there is someone around to hang out with, but always inside at night.  He ususally barks to remind me that the alarm is about ready to go off so I get up and let the three dogs out.  It wasn't 2 minutes  and he started raising a fuss barking and yipping.  I went out to find him and found him standing between the pony (who was loose having ducked the fence and in heat) and the stud out in his pen. Saved fixing fence or a hurt horse.  It was great.  Since I asked him to help the other day, he's become quite the helper when I go to move the colts.  It's great, it's just amazing at his young age all the things he instinctively knows.

 Talk to you later, Michele.








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