Cimarron Sweetheart of the Rodeo

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Sweetie loves puppies!


Sweetheart of a Dog!

Dec 28, 2005 

Here on the  farm we have my dogs and my son, Ben's.  Sweetheart loves farm life and has rapidly become my number one chore dog- always velcroed to the back of my leg when it is chore time-
We have been moving a mobile home to the farm and getting it set up and we rented a Ditch Witch and had deep ruts cut in the ground to run the water and gas pipes.  I stepped in them twice and about killed myself, but that is not part of this story- 
Last week we were out in the bitter cold hooking up the water lines and Ben asked me to go to a place where there was a lot of loose dirt in the bottom, and rake it back so that we could bury the water line deep enough to prevent freezing, so I was down on my belly reaching into the crack with a hoe, and here came Sweetheart, down in the ditch helping me dig!
What a great dog- thanks Erin and Mary and Vivian and De!  I am very proud to have bred Sweetie myself, but I could never have done it without you!

"A good dog will try to help you." 

 J. Richard McDuffie



Sweetie always wanted to be on the bottom of the pile

and she matured into one of those marvelously bonded

English Shepherds.

Other English shepherds are Velcro dogs,

Sweetheart is bonded like Super Glue!




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