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Cimarron Sweetheart of the Rodeo x Cimarron Tequila Sunrise


Sometimes when a breeder is trying to match pups to prospective owners, a match comes up that the breeder is absolutely positively certain that a particular pup is the right dog for a certain person and situation.  Matching Nancy Houtkooper and Shelby was such a certainty!


Tuesday January 3, 2006
Hi Elaine,  The news reports of fires in Texas,
Oklahoma and New Mexico caused us to worry about you. 
Everything ok there???  I have attached our latest
pictures of Shelby and her love of snow.  We have had
a little bit of that white stuff in the past week. 
Shelby loves to 'help' Dave shovel.  She inspects each
shovelful and thenpunces on the snow after it has been         
tossed to its new location.  As you can see she is
very helpful.  Milo is back with Tina.  It was fun
having him with us for a week while she went to OK for
Christmas.  He is still working on the 'sit to greet'
instead of jumping on people.  He adjusted well to the
'four paws on the floor' rule we have around here.  
He is a lot of dog! I think the last time he weighed
in at 48 pounds.  Shelby is definitely going to be
petite.  She lost a few pounds while recovering from
surgery and is about 32 pounds.  She really takes the
corners when the dogs play 'chase around the garden
shed'.  Hope your holiday was restful and all is well
with you-    Nancy

" a good dog will try to help you"

  J. R. McDuffie

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