Cimarron Pearl Hart

(AKA Penny)

Cimarron Doc Holladay x Kozar's Molly

September 8, 2006



March 10, 2006

I've know for a while that Penny is special, smart, too smart
sometimes. She learns very easily from watching. Whiskey's main job
for the winter has been putting the ducks to bed in a horse stall at
chore time. Lately he's been slacking off and Penny has taken the job
as her responsibility, because it needs done, not because she's been
asked, she just knows it needs done. Penny soon figured out that if
the ducks go past the door you go behind the big round bales that sit
in the alley way and head them off. (Whiskey likes the extra working
times and takes them out the end of the barn and brings them back in)
But yesterday Ken told me Penny has a new solution. You jump up on the
round bales and run down them and head them off sooner, more efficient!!

I've known for a while that my baby gates in the house were no
challenge, but the bales are 54" tall. I'm a little concerned about
her hurting herself, but not sure how I would stop it.


Cimarron Whiskey River and  Penny playing ball.




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