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February 21st 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008 9:56 PM
Hello Elaine,
       Well, it takes quite a bit to impress me, and I do not say that lightly.  The journey home was much conversation with my daughter whether the new pup will be what we are looking for in a dog.  We arrived home, pulled out the lawn chairs and let the pup, Rocky Raccoon, aka (Hank) get a feel for us and what it was like on the new farm.  He took to us very fast and learned very quick what was permissable.  There really was very little correction needed as he just figured it out after being told a couple of times.  I was thinking, "Hey, this little guy has a brain in his head."  Then came the bath........went to the cabin, took the tub off the side of the wall, filled with warm water and put him problem.........nothing............. just stood there like a real gentleman and let me wash him...........not so much as a whimper.  So that gets me to thinkin', "This little feller keeps it up, and I am going to start liking him."  But what about a guardian, how will he do at that?  He answered that question before he was dry from his bath.  I was drying him off, when, without me knowing it, two of our young goats came around the house and up behind me to see what was going on.  He instantly threw a fit, alarming me to what was behind me!  They fled back around the corner...........and I laughing, and thanking him, couldn't believe what he had just done at three months old!  The goats tried him several more times while we lounged in the lawn doing it!..........he would run them off.  I was amazed at how he figured it Okay for them to be in sight, just not close to me or my family.  Bingo!  You're a keeper, Hank!  That is what I was looking for above all else.  He also followed along in my footsteps as we put up our 250 head of chickens, though he is still trying to figure out those weirdos. :)  He will have plenty of time to learn with no pushing.......just observing, but wow was I amazed for our first night.  Now, alot of folks that would read this might be thinking what a bunch of baloney, no three month old dog would act in this manner.  I say, just come over to these Ozark hills and I'll show you what breeding from Cimarron English Shepherds produces.
Michael, Patty, Colt and Kelsey Jones

Hello, Ms. Reynolds,
I hope your trip is going / went well.  :-)  I have a question.  How do I go about registering Hank, the puppy I got from you?  I'd like to do it with the Farm Collie registration.  We are thinking about registering him as Cimmaron Ozarks Hank.
  I also wanted to send you some pictures of Hank and tell you I could not be more pleased with him!  I know my dad told you what all he did his first day...  Well, this pup just keeps getting better.  Today is his third day here, and it's today that he has decided it is his solemn duty (and I do mean he is solemn!) to keep law and order around here and be my shadow.  He is showing wonderful herding and guarding abilities already!  He is keeping the chickens out of the yard by himself now, and is getting better and better herding techniques.  He keeps the 2 month old goats out of the yard as well, and when they do not comply he lightly bites them but doesn't draw blood, and barks to get them moving on.  It always works!  At the same time, he does like them.  This afternoon when I fed them he herded them into the barn for me (all this is soley him- I never told him to do anything, he is watching and learning, he knows I feed the kids in the barn!)  When they went to sucking the bottles, he decided they needed to stand a certain way.  He wanted them to stand paralell to each other in a straight line.  How did he accomplish this?  He gently nudged and barked, and to get them just right, he gently grabbed their necks and manouvered them with his mouth.  I watched completely flabbergasted as he did this, (the kids never even quit sucking, he was so gentle) and then he sat down and watched them eat.  I never expected any full grown dog to do something like that!!  This was all his own idea... he has declared himself boss of everything and he makes the rules!  (after obeying our own, of course!)
   When I went to put the goats out on their tethers, he followed up behind and made up the rear.  I watched as he kept my goats next to me, not allowing them to wander  (otherwise I would've had to chase them down to tether them!).  And when I went to carry water buckets, he kept the young goats away from me.  I just cannot believe how smart this pup is....figuring this all out on his own!  I want to thank you over and over again for selecting and selling him to me!  The Cimmaron bred English Shepherd makes Old Yeller look like a dork...  I will never be without an ES again!
   Hank has also been a really handy partner for when I drop something... he picks it up and hands it to me or carries it for me without me saying a word.  It's just amazing that he is three months old and only three days here and he's already loyal and helping out!  He has never chewed on anything but his own bones and calf hooves we gave him.  He is also barking at strange vehicles. 
   Needless to say, after this big day of following in my footsteps and helping me, he is completely pooped and asleep as I type.  You can probably tell by the pictures that in his eyes he is really tired.  They were taken just before he took a long nap!  When I get the chance I'll take some pictures and send them when he's all excited and playing.  :-)
Again, thanks!



Wednesday, June 4, 2008 7:44 PM
Hello Elaine,
         Just a note to tell you that Hank came and requested that Kelsey follow him today, and he would not take no for an answer.  When Kelsey followed him to see what he wanted, he took her to a forsythia bush.  Inside the bush was one of our laying hens who was trapped!  Good boy Hank!  "Ah, shucks" he replied "wern't no big deal."  He always acts so modest, like he is just doing what he is supposed to.   What a dog!


Saturday June 21, 2008

Hello, Elaine
     Just a quick note to let you know some news about Hank.  He comes to the front door every morning and talks to me until I let him in.  He is quite excited and always has a hard time settling down that early in the morning..........too much energy!  That is until our son Colt comes into the room to say hi.  Colt has Charge Syndrome which entails many disabilities.  He has a trach, cannot swallow, hear, or speak.  Hank settles right down for Colt and is so content to just lay beside Colt and be loved.  Colt will try to excite Hank and get him to play,........but Hank won't do it......."Nope, let's just lay here and be quiet,"  which is exactly what Colt should be doing as when he gets excited himself he starts having trouble breathing.  How does Hank realize this?  Somehow, he just knows.
Photo of Colt and Hank (Hank almost four months of age)

March 5, 2009

Hi Ms. Reynolds!
The first kid arrived on the 28th.  Hank fell in love with her!  He let me know something had happened in the barn.... and when I showed him exactly what he started licking her all over.  He hasn't stopped watching over her since.  I penned her up with her mama all by themselves for a couple of days and then let them out into the big pen with the other goats.  Hank opens the gate and likes to let himself in so he can protect "Snowflake" from the other goats.  He watches over her just like her real mama should, but doesn't.  It frustrates Hank to no end.  He gently stands or sits right beside little Snowflake and follows her around, always watching the other goats and giving her a little kiss every now and then.  Later on, I went in the pen (without Hank) to feed grain.  All of the does saw the grain and went crazy, running all over the place wanted fed.  Hank immediatly shot into the pen and rushed to little Snowflake and instantly goats scattered away from her.  (she had come very close to getting trampled)  Snowflake nuzzled underneath him until the ruckus was over.  (and he has so much fur you could hardly see her!)


I'm so pleased he loves the kids.... I didn't expect he would become a mother!!  LOL!  He was also gentle with Snowflake's mother until she got better.  She kidded around 9:30 at night.  He helped me get her calmed down so I could milk her in the barn.  I tied her to the fence and she wouldn't stand still- Hank stepped into the light, sat down, and stared at her.  She stopped squirming!  Later on, I decided to take her through the snow to the cabin where I usually milk the goats.  He gently pushed her there and tried to get her on the stancion slow and easy.  When she started to go berserk (she was extremely jumpy and nervous because she had no clue what had happened to her... she is a first time mother)  he quickly backed up so as not to scare her.  I'm very proud of the way he has grown so attentive and gentle.  He puts pressure where pressure is needed, and gentleness where it is needed.  He has been able to work with poultry, goats, and cattle.  I hope the female I get is as good as he is!
Thank you again for placing this very special dog with us. 



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