Cimarron Outlaw

May 19, 2005

"Lefty" is a 70 pound dog who loves to play soccer and keeps order on the farm.  

He is a very happy guy and a joy to own.


Susie Q  x Cimarron Buccaneer




August 1, 2005


Attached are some pics of Lefty and my daughter.  I believe it was love
at first sight, both ways....Lefty really likes my husband and seems
very attached to him already.  They did chores together last night. 
Lefty is very smart and very laid back...he does like to talk to us though. 
Not loud, but some very interesting moans and groans....Thanks so
much...we are really looking forward to see Lefty grow and develop.











Sat, 10 Jun 2006


We still call him Lefty....Kenny just wanted a "fancy"
registered name....He'll always be Lefty at
home...I've attached a pic of him...He's pretty
awesome.  He hates it when we move horses around.  He
still doesn't quite understand that during breeding
season things change daily.  But he's just a year old
so he'll get it.  We had never changed any of the
horses in any of the pastures since he'd been here
until this spring...It really threw him in a tailspin.
 But he tries to listen and understand.  Everyone
loves him and he's quite the character.  Keep in

Amy Keeling



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