Cimarron Dalby McClintock

These were pups by Mac!

Cimarron Ladybug




Cimarron Katie Elder and Cimarron Dalby McClintock

Mac is a wonderful dog with a terrific sense of movement and a beautiful way of going!

Typical of the Butcher line, he is one of the kindest, sweetest natured dogs I have ever known.   He is a very active dog and loves to hunt.


Cimarron Dalby McClintock 133 PRN

Mac's Pedigree


Meet the Dogs of Cimarron

Reynold's Traveler, PRGN

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Cimarron Rustler, PRGN

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Hello Mary Lou

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Cimarron Katie Elder

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Cimarron Dalby McClintock





Cimarron English Shepherds

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