Cimarron Indigo Skye

Kozar's Molly x Cimarron Rustler




Hi Elaine,  Congrats on the new litter!  IMO that breeding is a winning combination, so I'm so glad your still breeding Rusty and Molly.

Skye as a pup

Skye is really maturing into a lovely, all around farm dog. Her style has been changing ever since she went into her first heat. I can see more and more of Grandma Mona coming out. She is still an extremely biddable dog but with a core of steel and I love it. She has a heck of a nose and is quite the mouse and rat hunter.

She is wonderfully outgoing and gentle with people but rules the goats with an iron paw!  She grips a lot but has never drawn any blood, so I know that she's only doing what is necessary (these are really pushy goats who gave her a hard time for a long time) Somewhere along the line she decided she was tired of negotiating everything and just came on like gangbusters.

Her favorite thing is to "watch the gate" for me.  I can leave the barn door wide open with an open can of grain just beyond and no one would dare to make a break for it.  She is queen of the body checks and slams (and these are 200 + lb goats). I have no doubt that she would be a great cattle dog.

Skye shows a lot of control around the chickens, we free range some days and not others so she will walk through them and ignore but once I let her know that I want them in, she'll help me herd them in the run. She shows a surprising amount of eye and lowers her head down till it's level with her back when she's herding the chickens. She'll also grab and hold them for me if I ask...

I think a pup from this breeding would be fine on a sheep farm. These dogs will do whatever it takes to be useful. As long as there is a good bond, firm, fair leadership and the most important "easy" command, these dogs will turn themselves inside out to be useful. And what more could one want out of a dog?

Feel free to give out my number to anyone interested in a pup and thanks again for such a wonderful companion and right arm!


Tue, 31 Jan 2006

Cimarron Indigo Skye- bonding to the goats


Skye is owned by Artist, Judy Bates




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