History of Cimarron English Shepherds

   Cimarron English Shepherds is a venture run in partnership between myself, Elaine Reynolds, and my son, Ben Kozar.

After twenty years of looking for  working English Shepherd farm dogs like the ones my family always had,  ten years ago I extended my efforts  to the internet, and shortly thereafter I purchased  a grandson of Dunrovin's Ole Shep, a dog we named Reynolds Traveler.    I decided that I wanted my grandchildren to have a chance to choose to own one of these great dogs, so I began to breed them. 

I am so glad to have made this decision,  along the way I have met many great dogs and wonderful people,  and generations of great farm and family dogs have been the result!

Here are a few of my favorite photos of this venture:

De Butcher with Maggie and Butcher's Tuff in 1998


                  Susie Q in August, 2004                               Moon Valley Wildwood Flower March 21,2007


Susie Q in Angel Fire!                                                    Moon Valley Wildwood Flower

                                                                                   (AKA Luna) in 2006

Standing in 10" of snow, Susie Q was Miss December for the English Shepherd Calendar!

 Luna is Susie Q's granddaughter!


These photos featuring Cimarron Rustler shortly after we got him were taken at the July 2003 English Shepherd Gathering at

Cedar Creek Farm.

Susie Q and her great grandbaby /great great grandbaby, Cat Ballou

This was taken at the 2006 Colorado Gathering, where Barbara and Axel Miketta picked up Cat Ballou and took her to her new home in Germany.


Ben and Kozar's Castillo (Cally) in August, 1999.            Ben and Shell Rock Jim Dandy, December, 2006


Here is Windshadow's Pippi  Longstocking on the cover of the Winter 2007 issue of Small Farmer's Journal. 

Bred by my daughter, Erin Hischke of Red Bank English Shepherds, Pippi  is a Granddaughter of our Traveler, and Cally (Kozar's Castillo) and daughter of  Red Bank Shooter and Kozar's Omega

 Pippi is OFA excellent.


Photos of our family farm dogs from the early twentieth century to the eighties illustrate this essay by Pril Zahorsky- Old Shep

and here is a photo of days gone by- Ben Kozar and Chico

Meet the Dogs of Cimarron

Reynold's Traveler, PRGN

Susie Q, PRN

Cimarron Rustler, PRGN

Kozar's Molly, PRN

Rose of Cimarron

Cimarron Sweetheart PRGN

Hello Mary Lou

Cimarron Doc Holladay

Cimarron Katie Elder

Cimarron Foothills Nancy

Cimarron Dalby McClintock






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