Cimarron Doc Farley

Cimarron Doc Holladay x Kozar's Molly

September 8, 2006

Farley lives in Canada with Chris Firth!


March 12, 2007

Hi Elaine,

Farley is a well put together dog. boxy build and very agile and
light on his feet. I have had an area beef farmer ask if he could buy the pup.

This dog is thinking all the time!

He is enrolled in dog school , works every day on the farm with our horses and has learned not to get in the way and
not to bother the horses unless invited by me to do so. Farley started out
being very shy but has progresses so much in the last couple of weeks. we
take him to town and walk him up the main street during prime shopping hours. we
need to balance the city stuff with our quiet rural setting to adjust and expose him to everything. Farley gets lots of looks from folks as he is very cute.

Farley likes to scent out the deer and coyotes but can be called off
easily from pursuing game. He watches the horizon and entrances to the farm
just waiting to see if anyone or any dog will approach the farm. he plays
very well with other dogs and will usually try to wait until they are tired
from play before he gets his way and wrestles them down.


 You were so right when you said that he listens real slow...he sure does but its because he is weighing his options in each situation...the dog is thinking all day
long.  He has learned about 10 commands so far and is only limited by our

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