Cimarron Doc Holladay

Doc passed on in 2010.  He is missed.


Mitchell's Buster, x Wilson's Angel

See his hips here.




Cimarron Doc Holladay

With his wonderful temperament, close bonding and biddability,

his compact size (50 lbs at 12 months) , his strong desire to enforce my
commands without an overabundance of prey drive,
Doc is the most like Chico, a pre-Anderson
midwest English Shepherd that I got in eastern Nebraska in the seventies,
of any dog I have seen in the last decade..



Pedigree for Cimarron Doc Holladay

Doc's Brother,  Moose





Mitchell's Buster

      Doc's sire was one of the last dogs bred by Mildred Schoemann, 

who owned Fairmount Kennels in Cedar Falls Iowa.

    Mildred Schoemann has bred and sold English Shepherds since the fifties.


 Fairmount Farms Brochure



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