Cimarron Strider

Susie Q  x Cimarron Buccaneer

May 19, 2005


All is very well with the puppy.  He is proving to be both very smart and extremely good-natured!  Bonding is going well, as is house-training.  He has learned to sit on command and can walk on a loose lead, and follows me everywhere off lead as I do my outdoor chores each day.  He's very interested in the chicks and the bunnies, and spends lots of time just watching them.  He barks at them, some, but we have asked him not to bark at them and he now does it only very occasionally.  He and the big dog are getting along pretty well.  They have started having some true "play" sessions and working out the territory issues.  Our biggest problem is over bones, which they both always want whichever bone the other has...  I have taken to keeping them completely separated when they are chewing on bones.
We are calling him Chaco




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