Cimarron Black Jack

Rusty x Molly born January 30, 2006








August 18, 2006


Thank you so much for the Farmdog Handbook.  I am reading it cover to cover and I am sure I will reread it many times.  It is a great help to understanding the English Shepherds way of doing things.  We will put it to good use.
Jack is doing wonderfully.  I sent you a couple of really funny pictures that I took last night as he was asleep in the kitchen.  He makes us laugh so hard some times.  I can't imagine how that position was comfortable at all, but he was sound asleep.
He is a delight to all of us.  He is learning the farm routine really well.  We have a few more cattle home now and he loves to do chores.  After they are fed my husband and I sit on the bunk and look at them for awhile.  Jack is right there intent on them.  If any of them come near, he waits and when they get too close he growls and snaps and tells them to get back!!  As soon as they back off he goes back to just watching.  I think he is going to love his job as cowdog.  His instincts show up so clearly already.  We have been working on obedience things also and he sits, and stays really well.  He knows how to down, but sometimes doesn't want to, and he is starting to learn to heel.  He does love to chase a tennis ball or anything that you throw.  Our daughter and he have had some great games. 
As you can tell, we love Jack!!  Thanks again for the book and for the wonderful pup.
Sandy Sherwood
p.s. I will try to send you some "real" pictures of him soon.  He is growing really fast. 
Fri, 15 Sep 2006 10:52:26 -0500


I am sending you some photos of Jack with the livestock and of him playing ball.  I will send them on a couple e-mails so the files don't get too large.  They are of him at 7 months.
I thought I would update you on how Jack is progressing.  He is growing a lot.  He weighed 49 lbs at the vets the other day.  He is so good when I take him in and is very friendly with everyone.  He especially loves small children.  He gets so excited when he sees one and wants to get to them.  He is still a little over exhuberant when he is around them, but he is learning.  I wondered if this was from being around your grandchildren when he was just a little guy.  He is friendly with everyone, but there is really a difference when he sees kids. 
I have seen him showing some good guardian traits as well.  The other day I heard Jack start barking.  (Already I can easily tell when he is barking for fun, or if he is serious about something.)  I looked out the window and the man that farms the ground around us approached our place from the back way.  Usually he drives a pickup, but this time they were picking up pipe and he was walking.  Jack went flying down there barking up a storm.  He just knew they were not suppose to be there.  He readily came back to my call, and was so excited that he had done something important. 
Jack has started tracking things too.  Now, granted what I watched him track the other day was the cat, so that was maybe not the best idea, but it was neat to see him do it.  The cat had been under the stock trailer and somehow he left without Jack seeing him.  Jack figured out the cat was gone and circled the trailer until he found the scent and them followed it to the shed the cat had gone into.  Pretty smart for 7 months!! 
He shows us his fun loving side when chasing a tennis ball.  He loves to chase it.  I  included a couple pictures of him with it.  I have used it for training times, and he is getting really fast at obeying because he wants me to throw it again.  Getting him to give it back nicely has taken some doing but he is finally coming around to that idea also.  Truthfully he loves to chase anything you throw and loves to carry around sticks etc. when we are out walking or doing chores.  He loves it when I am carrying a halter and lead and let him carry the rope for me.  (Although he would like to talk me into tug of war sometimes instead of coming along!!) 
Finally, when it comes to the livestock we see his serious side.  He has always shown an intense interest in the stock.  He is so happy and fun loving with such a mischievious look most of the time, but when he gets around the cattle he is all business.  He watches every move they make and is ready if any of them get too close to one of us.  We are anxious to get a few more head home from the pasture so we can start letting him help move them around with us.  
Well, now that I have written you a book, I will let you go for now.  We love Jack and our family is so glad that we bought an English Shepherd.  He is just what we were hoping for.  
Take care,  

  Jack likes to play ball!   


"Fred" is sweet and  affectionate, a laid back pup with a rollicking sense of humor! 

He is always ready with a grin and twinkling eyes to add his special spice to any occasion.


He reminds me of his dad, Rusty, shown at right.



Cimarron Rusty x Molly Jan 06

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