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Meet the Dogs of Cimarron

PR Dunrovin Ramrod

Cimarron Jesse Stone PRGN

Cimarron Foothills Nancy

Butcher's Sandy Sue

Red Bank Sister Sara

Cimarron Lady Madonna

Cimarron Ladybug

Red Bank Odessa

Foothills Toshi


Cimarron Rustler, PRGN

Johnny B. Goode

Cimarron Sweetheart PRGN

Auxiliary dogs:

Cimarron King Biscuit

Cedar Creek Daddy's Big Mack

Blacksheep Remington Steele PRGN

Cimarron Bungalow Bill

Cimarron Dalby McClintock

Cimarron Hello Mary Lou

Cimarron Golden Bells


Gone but not forgotten:

Susie Q, PRN

Kozar's Molly, PRN

Reynolds' Traveler PRGN

Rose of Cimarron

Cimarron Howler Mitchell

Cimarron Doc Holladay



Susie Q

June 25, 1998 / February 2, 2012


Selection Priorities

At Cimarron English Shepherds it is our pleasure to find you the best possible dog for your unique situation.  If we know of another reputable breeder with pups that are a better fit' we will not hesitate to refer you to him.

Our number one selection priority is TEMPERAMENT- if a dog is not a good family dog it is not a good example of an English Shepherd!  Traditional working instincts that set the breed apart from ordinary herding specialty breeds are also top priority.   We love intelligence in our dogs and select for this trait diligently and screen our dogs for sound structure.

What's an Auxiliary Dog?

An auxiliary dog is a dog that is still a part of our breeding program although he actually belongs to someone else.  This way we are able to maintain diversity in the breed while we give the dogs the best home possible.

Cimarron English Shepherds in Germany!

A Few Cimarron Pups




"...when the last individual of a race of

living things breathes no more,

 another Heaven and another Earth must pass

before such a one can be again."

William Beebe



Skyheaven--Cimarron County, Oklahoma

Cimarron English Shepherds

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Cimarron English Shepherds

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