Cimarron Biskit of Backer's acres

Egertsen's Copperfield x Cimarron Cinders

August 15, 2007


Bred by Clarene Backer, Biskit is a big favorite of mine.   Clarene talked me out of Cinders and getting a pup back was one of the stipulations. I chose her for mine because I loved the way she would look me in the eye and follow, while the other pup (who was perhaps a bit more correct in English Shepherd "standard" looks), preferred to play with the other dog.  I decided long ago to breed the best dogs I could and the looks would take care of themselves, and it sure has in this case-

 I think Biskit is gorgeous!

Rusty and Biskit, October 2007








Cimarron English Shepherds

American Working Farmcollie Association

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy