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Cimarron Peggy Sue x Ford's Chesney Buddy

August 31, 2006

March 21, 2007

Luna looks solemn in these pictures, but she is a very happy, lively, girly girl.  She loves to chase and fetch balls.  Soda bottle soccer is one of her favorite pastimes.  She loves her Frisbee, and tries to catch it with her front paws, which doesn’t always work too well for her.

She gets along great with the cats; tattles on them when they’re on the kitchen counter.  She mouth wrestles for hours with our other dogs, Uncle Tippy, the 13 year old mutt, and Sparta, a laid-back two year old male ES recently adopted from NESR.  She will quickly reinforce any house rule that Sparta violates, and, although he’s much bigger than her, he takes it. 

She jumps up on my bed to snuggle first thing in the morning, and if this time together is interfered with for any reason, she is NOT happy.  She likes schedules.  She’s the first dog I’ve had who loves toys:  she has a lamb and an octopus that she carries around and snuggles with.  

She loved puppy class, after her initial skittishness, and we’re looking forward to obedience school, too.  She’s very suspicious of strangers, no matter how much I reassure her.  It takes quite a while for her to agree to put up with a new person or new dog in the house.  Meanwhile, she barks like mad.  She’s very biddable and a harsh word has a great impact on her.  She’s easily trained. 

I can’t wait for her full farm collie qualities to emerge!















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