Chesney's Bar X Curtis Loew

Cimarron Peggy Sue x Ford's Chesney Buddy

August 31, 2006


Wednesday December 6, 2006

Dear Marica,


I am hoping I have the right e mail addy, LOL


  Curtis Loew is such a wonderful puppy.  So calm and biddable and so extremely confident about his place in the dog world.  My other ES have had to take him down a notch or two but it doesn't phase him one bit.  He came in wanting to be the top dog and I have no doubt that in years to come he will attain the position.


  I want to say thank you for the time well spent socializing this litter and seeing that they got a great start in their new homes.


  Curtis Loew is a family "dog" and an upcoming farm worker.  He was initially supposed to be "my dog".  He minds me and follows me during chores, always trying to be helpful/watching, but he made a decision to belong to my grandson, Gabriel, who is 4 years old.  Gabriel is thrilled and calls him his dog.  Even with his little childish voice, Curtis Loew will sit, lie down and come for him when called, not minding his stomping in puddles, screaming in delight and being a loud upcoming farmer to be.  It's so nice to see the old time instincts alive!  Curtis Loew is a grand pup.


  We are so thankful to you for the time put into this litter!





Curtis Loew will take anything Gabriel gives him.  If it is something he does not want he will still take it, but spit it out when Gabriel isn't looking.  Here Gabriel is giving Curtis Loew a rock.


Traditionally we name Susie Q's descendants for songs- Sheryl Chose  Curtis Loew from The Ballad of Curtis Loew by Lynard Skynard.  Some of the lyrics are below:

People said he was useless, them people are the fools
'Cause Curtis Loew was the finest picker to ever play the blues!


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