2 pretty girls !!

Brison's Jenna                and               McGrady's Good Golly Miss Molly



Johnny B. Goode x Cimarron Hello Mary Lou


Jenna with my granddaughter, Ella.


Hello Elaine,

Catherine and I got the girls together yesterday and got some great shots. Both of these pups are just great dogs, now nearly 2 years old. Our Molly is our resident comedian, and keeps us laughing all the time. She fetches the newspaper every morning now, and is getting quite good at the frisbee. Roger got a new SLR digital for Christmas, and we're hoping to get a good one of her leaping after it. I'm sending you these pictures. We were hoping you could publish a few to your website.


Marilyn McGrady


Molly looks a lot like Susie Q!





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