Stillwater's Cimarron Red Rocky


Sunday April 16, 2006



   We are having the best time with our new puppy!  He is such a smart, intuitive and loving little guy.  He loves to explore everything outdoors and just loves to roll in the sunny grass.  He also learned to bury his milkbones in the landscape mulch within an hour of coming home.  Amazingly, he remembers where each one is buried and goes back for them when he wants one.
   He is doing well in the house as well, with no potty accidents at all!  He goes right to the back door and whines/paws at the door when he needs to go outside.
   He is enjoying socializing with all the dogs he meets and has taken to walking on a leash around the neighborhood (about 1/2mi.) very well over the last three days.  He took particular interest in the black & white border collie a few doors down, as if he sensed they could understand one another.
   The nights have gone great, with him sleeping in his crate without crying or accidents from about 8:30 pm until 7:00 am!  (much better that my daughter).
   Last evening he was sitting with us on the back patio when four mallard ducks came strolling up the hill from the lake and onto his turf.  He took off across the back yard like lightning, barking all the way, then stood his ground for about ten minutes to be sure they didn't come back.  Let's see him tackle the Canadian geese that like to make a nuisance of themselves.
   He and Lauren are getting along quite well, although he needs frequent reminders that his little puppy teeth are off limits to her.  She loves him so much already & can't wait to see him every morning & give him a hug and kiss each night.  It was Lauren who chose a name for him, calling him "my Rocky, he's a good boy".  So we've all decided to call him "Rocky", (Stillwater's Cimarron Red Rocky).
   Rocky has a vet appointment on Tuesday.  He sure seems to be a healthy vigorous guy.  I'll let you know how it goes.
Shari, Joe, Lauren & Rocky














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