Cimarron Rusty x Molly

January 30, 2006

"Boots" has gone to his new home in Wisconsin where he will be a cherished family pet.


I took three of the pups to Toledo so that this lady could help me pick the right one for her 2 year old, Red, Sancho and Boots.  Boots is the most active pup in the litter, also the smallest,  Sancho is smart and bossy with a medium activity level,  and Red is most laid back.  
We let them all out together and let them romp on the lawn with the toddler.   The toddler went too far away and her mother called her back,  Boots went and grabbed her cuff and led her back to us.  Now this could have been just a random play act, but ES are so into enforcing your commands I am wondering.  There have been a lot of really intelligent pups from this cross,  and most close relatives show this enforcing behavior... We decided that Red, with his lower activity level, was best fit for their family.
Boots could be the smartest one I have raised yet!


Another Boots account...

Mom brought back two pups from another breeder.  They have obviously not be confined and the male pup was absolutely freaking out about being in the fence at first.  He kept getting himself stuck trying to squeeze out.  Then he would really freak out!  Yesterday morning he was stuck and yelping and crying.  Boots was frantically trying to free him--shoving him with his nose and chewing at the wire.  Very cute! 



Cimarron Rusty x Molly Jan 06

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