Training the English Shepherd Pup on Cattle

 in a larger pasture

featuring Cimarron Bungalow Bill

In this photo we had gone out into the pasture. the cattle are to the right, and farther out -we are going around them without moving them. 

 At the back of this photo is a shorthorn bull that lies down away from the other cattle a lot. 

Bill has not figured out the plan and is just looking around...

Bill comes to me to ask, "What now?".

I motion to the cows and Bill focuses on them.

Bill looks at the Shorthorn Bull, which shows that he is thinking about the task as that is the farthest animal.

I call his attention away from the bull and he focuses closer, a jackrabbit left this spot a minute or so earlier.  He did not see it, but smells it now.

Still trailing the jackrabbit...

I call him away from the rabbit tracking and he runs to me.

Now we have gone around the cattle and headed them back toward the barn,

(I didn't take any photos then, as I needed to be moving a little faster...)

As Bill starts the animals moving on right side of the herd, I call his attention to some grazing on the left.

Now these cattle are in a 480 acre pasture, there is no way an old lady and a six month old pup are gonna control them if they run so the idea is to move them very  slowly.   With a good pup teaching patience and control  is the main idea. 

Besides being less stressful on me, moving livestock in a slow methodical manner is less stressful on the stock.

Bill is very calm and moving slowly, but intent on stragglers to the left.

Following up with the stragglers...

And now back to the other side.


"But, Mom, she didn't move..."  I made him keep after the shorthorn cow until she did, then...

back to the other side again...

As the first cattle reach the barn and stop at the tank for a drink,

we fall back and out to the right side to go block their exit to the right of the barn.



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