Morning at Cimarron Homestead

Morning Begins early at the homestead - when Susie Q asks to go outside.  The younger dogs that have been giving the older farmdogs backup in coyote patrol come in at this time so that the guineas coming down from the trees don't confuse them.

Continuing in her role as an active farmdog keeps Susie Q healthy and happy!  She is 13 1/2 here, and the young matrons still defer to her.



Susie Q and Rusty  December 7, 2011

When the sun is up and the birds are down from the trees, We go to the barn to feed the sheep.


If it was summertime we would turn them out to pasture at this time.  Susie Q loves moving the sheep!  Rusty controls them by sheer presence!

The matrons with their litters leave the whelping box by the wood stove for this outing as well.



Rusty has had a long night - making his rounds and napping on the porch.

He gets the best places in the house, under the table, by the bed next to the air conditioner depending on the season. 


But the nook under the computer desk is all Susie's!


Day at Cimarron Homestead



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